Look To The Skies

by The Filaments

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released June 15, 2018


all rights reserved



The Filaments Essex, UK


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Track Name: Fuck The "Alt"-Right
The EDL and BNP have crumbled to dust
Like weeds though the bastards spring on up
Here's to the kids decked in black hoodies, steel toes and bandanas
All you see is the intent in their eyes
You've got to smash them in the brain
I heard from LKJ
Don’t give no quarter to their like
We've seen their type before
There's no platform to be afforded
So fuck the “alt”-right

Well they shut down the LD50 in Hackney
And I must confess I don't feel no sympathy, so
Come radical frontline and warm this heart of mine
Sweeping old foes aside

You know there's only ever been one response thats fit for fascists, and
Despite rebranding we’re gonna call them what they are
There is nothing alternative
In spewing out the same old neo-nazi shit
That's all been heard before
They won’t find free space to organise, march or poison any mind, no
The brawling violence they incite
You’ll hear the people roar
There's no platform to be afforded
So fuck the lot of 'em
Let the fuckers rot
Stand up and fight the "alt"-right
Track Name: Look To The Skies
Dystopian machines of the empire compose
Ever more kill lists from data and code
The synapse of Skynet defers to the maths
Targets are signed off and orders dispatched
Your safe in the control room, surrounded by screens
Ignoring the smirks of the other marines
The bombs miss their targets, though try as you may
You massage the numbers cause they're falling astray

Those kids won't be playing today
Not out in the blazing sun
They look to the skies and curse what we’ve done

So now it's been a few years and you cant keep the count
A drop of dutch courage might just straighten you out
Hesitation creeping, your thoughts start to cloud
A predator missile strike annihilates your doubt
You’re going over the story, they all picked a side
Passing your judgment over who lives and dies
You take the King’s shilling and much to your disgrace
You kick up the dust, a violent circle of hate

Those kids wont be playing today, not out in the blazing sun
They know what it means when the drones overhead and they know now to run
Those kids won't be playing today, not out in the blazing sun
They look to the skies and curse what we've done

Instinctively bow at the hiss
Praying to god that they miss
An ocean of flame is the hell they unfold
A waste ground of horror and dread
Scorched earth, and barbarous torment
As furtive assassins who strike out at random
Soar overhead

Your blood turns to ice, when the angel of death
Descends from the heavens and circles your head
Prey to the monster, whose hunger won’t tire
Emotionless, ravenous, spitting hellfire
Soaring, ghostly and grey, with one thing in mind
Showing no mercy, you've got no place to hide
And they say this is freedom, the bloodshed, the pain
They won't shed no tears for an E.K.I.A
Track Name: Rip-Off World
Mickey is just a fella like you and I
He’s made a few quid, still a regular guy
Security guard puts a hand up and smiles
Mickey needs to know that your pockets aren’t lined
Jack the lad maverick from a bygone age
And oh, how he longs for the good old days
He’s got no time for rules or oppressive red tape
Like contracted hours and the minimum wage

Get off to work and be grateful
Just to put food on the table
With a psychopath streak and a plastic smile
Mickey's one hell of a guy

The white van man can be his own boss today
So load it up, hit the road, get on your way
Don’t bother asking after any holiday pay
And if you get sick we’re gonna charge you, but hey!
You're the bossman, certainly you don't work for us
We’ll argue the case to tribunal and judge
With an army of lawyers, and hundreds of millions
We can silence any differing opinions

Work hard, be grateful
Just to get food on the table
With a psychopath streak and a plastic smile
Profiteers bleeding you dry

Do you ever feel like you’ve been cheated?
Do you ever feel they got the game rigged?
Disingenuous, quick to villainy
Trying to take, what's left of our dignity
You might just be out of luck
You might have just come unstuck
You might just be shit out of luck
In this, in this rip off world

Cathy took a job, then two, and three
Demanding commitment but offering no guarantees
One day she broke crying,
"What about me?
Do I have no right to security?
My three kids at home, who I never do see
Are paying as I'm trying to make ends meet
And all for your lifestyle of sumptuosity
I call it daylight fucking robbery."
Track Name: No Men To Parade
There was once, when I knew well the taste of clean air
Silence so serene
Now I can’t shake the gangrene stench
God and King want your all, then some
Each night when I dream of home
I can hear the guns, that belligerent crack
And if they get their way
I know we ain't coming back

No men to parade
The dock fell ghostly silent though the order came, yea
No men to parade
Fuck you go to hell
Let there be no misunderstanding
From the Bastille free John Pantling
No men to parade
When the orders came

See us raising the red flag up on the Kilbride
No we ain't gonna join no whites
Stand down your arms Murmansk
You’re gonna tell the boys
They’re coming home from Archangel
Better step aside, 'cause we won’t think twice right now
To train a rifle site between an officers eyes

No men to parade
The dock fell ghostly silent though the order came, yea
No men to parade
Fuck you go to hell
We’ve been used in a rich man's game
Preach on preach John Maclean, oh!
No men to parade when the orders came

Acrimony, agitation, discontent, sentences of death
Shipping out to Bodmin jail
Fusiliers with ball cartridge and bayonet
Offer no reply to the cry of demobilise
Lower deck rise in discontent
Track Name: Living In The Crosshairs
With life promising nothing but decay and disease
Can you find a reason to stay here anymore?
Raced your mother to hospital
Nothing that they could do
The medication on the sanction list
Not for import, say the EU

Razorblade wire on the fence
Killers in suicide vests
In a Kafka-esque nightmare
Sick of living in the crosshairs

You got out with the youngest
White phosphorous all around
Heard the sorry tales of those who stuck around
With nothing left to strive for
How a life soon wastes
So you offer the last of what you own
Set sail to a watery grave

Coming from a brutal hell, to a hostile place
Where the papers tell just how welcome you are
Where the system don't give a fuck
Your suffering is our shame
So this one's for Ibrahim Ismail
And the Al-Hajalis in the Grenfell flames
Track Name: Underdogs
The underdogs will rise
There can be no compromise
We gotta let them hear this lion roar
They bite the hand that feeds them
They think we need them
Believe us when we say that they need us more

Don't let their borders divide
We are international
Tear down the flags because we know it's irrational
To forge our allegiance at geography’s diktat, share
No cause with capital or plutocrats

When your 40 hour work-week earns you want, debt and poverty
No cups overflowing
In their trickle down economy
They don't think twice about a decade’s austerity
And throwing our futures away with this barbarity

So we got to take notion we can stop the trains
The ships on the ocean we can put in chains
Every wheel in creation, mine and mill
Fleets and armies of the nation
At our command will stand still
In a world of parasites
We could pull out the rug
We could brush them aside
Change up the order
Crying freedom for all
Harder they come, well the harder they fall

The surplus value we create sitting offshore
Economic lords, on the hoard we won’t kneel for
No more meek and agreeable
They built their paradise
By robbing working people, so
Stand up each generation, again and again
Lines are drawn, it's war with no end
Panama papering over the cracks
And thieving the shirts off our backs

To all the workers feeling too much pressure
We can drown the bastards, so spit together

Never to rest because our spectre will haunt them
Never feel relief from the heckles that taunt them
Fearing the day we stand shoulder to shoulder
Baring teeth growing fiercer and stronger and bolder
Silver bullet for the heart of the vampire
Our sweat and blood realise their desire no more
Let the new day come
Turn them to dust as we rise like the sun
Track Name: Tread Carefully
Yeah, you better tread carefully
And hope Lady Luck is on your side
One wrong move inadvertently
And god knows their won't be no justice tonight

No I don't
Need none of your aggravation
Don't feed me none of your lies
Not a shred of respect, it's no way to live
Trying not to rise to your spite

Still my hands are, you see them?
Ain't got no trust in your sight
Mobile phone in my jacket pocket
Don't let it play,
No tricks on your mind

There's warnings of anger, hurt and grief
You can stream it in real time
Savage killers patrolling the streets

Their violence is deadly
Take caution in your every move
Don't wanna be another news story
Slain at the hands of the beast in blue
Track Name: Ask No Favours
Some break, some buckle
But some can’t be tamed
The might of the British Empire
Would soon know his name
With each broken bank vault, his reputation grew
Never knew how to bow to the lecherous few
In the tunnels of New York
His voice echoes far
Where speaking for labour
Can find you behind bars
He roared in defiance
“The Judge can drop dead in his robes”
Contempt for the court didn’t even come close

Justice thunders
Arise as one all workers
No more tradition’s chains will bind us
As we claim what's owed us
Ask no favours
Of condescending saviours
Too long they've fed upon our flesh
Smothered us for breath

Colombian oil pays the 16th Brigade
Who wage war upon the locals
Like wolves to their prey
They kidnap and murder, bury in unmarked graves
A six feet ditch as a warning you don't cause no waves
They call it ‘quitarle agua al pez'
They lurk in the euphemism
These bringers of death
Where life’s only value is how much you make for the boss
You don’t keep in line, you won't be no loss

They offer the yellow, no room for the red
The power and money, have too long been in bed
They sanction the torture and more,
By murder their blood money made
The profits roll in, as memories fade
Track Name: All We've Ever Known
They hailed the vote with braying cheers
It was deja-vu, sepulchral fears
With his father in those eyes
His voice betrayed the comforting sight
So they lock the hard points up tonight
Back to the killing zone
Their bombers cloud the sky
It's all we've ever known

It's all we've ever lived through
Those streets well trodden by our boots
Recognise the cries
That oh, so often echo through
Was it all for none?
Another year
Another bloody chapter closes
As another has begun

Normality is death and ruin overseas
Nuclear submarines
Weapon fairs where money speaks
The reaper wears a suit and tie
Ask no questions hear no lies
Pension pots and hedge funds grow
War's a way of life
It's all we've ever known

Old Shuck will look you in the eye
Where the butcher's apron flies

See them act so tough
No hesitation, fear or bluff
Don’t bare the cost, cannon fodder kids shipped off
Safe are their own to play no role
Not when dying is for the proles
Watching lesser mortals bleed
Life is cheap when overseas it's all we know
Track Name: The Verge
I remember the Friday nights
Drinking tins on the tube up the Northern Line
Off at Kentish town, out and left,
Wandering down about half of a mile
Gary greets you there, drinking K with a toothless grin
Andi’s eyes dilate, he talks revolution
You can lose your mind if that’s your thing
With the herberts and punks at the Verge

There’ll be no quiet tonight
On the streets of London
Better step aside for the whizz generation
No use waiting up tonight

Hannah brings a baby along,
Lil and Kaf might sign you if they like your songs
Smelly Ben and Davey are dead and gone
Ringing out, are the best of times
Lauren dyes her chelsea crop into leopard skin
Crusties line the curb, because they won't pay in
You can knock back snakebites, get sick and spin
With the skinheads and drunks at the Verge

You’d soon know all the songs of the bands you’d meet
There were 17 Stitches, and Inner T’s
Paint the family name onto leather sleeves
The Foamers and ONB
Now the venues gone, we were just passing through
So the Reknaw mob, its all eyes on you
Open up the squats, party line opens noon
And the tunes will live on from the Verge
Track Name: Killing Machine
A Brechtian hammer swinging
Right on target, right on time
Rain down some crushing blows
Break open some minds
I’ve had my fill, of cartoon skinheads
Barking, “punk ain't red!”
'Cause this machine kills fascists
And it will murder again

Like a poison to their vein
Damn the asinine and sing to better days

Like when Strummer craved a riot of his own
Seeger silencing the drums of war
Demanding bring them home
In Dial House the talk is of your living
If your proud to be that way
This ain't no time for silence
So come join in
Get up off your knees
Arm in arm strength and hope in solidarity
Let them keep their reactionary taste
Cause this is insurrection
Not just art for its own sake

Like a poison to their vein
Damn the asinine and sing to better days
This is a call to arms
Not art for its own sake
Killing machine relive old glories
And murder again

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